Step 1: Review Pricing

Understand the Investment: Before booking your assessment session, please review our pricing options to be well-informed about the costs involved in the coaching itself. Don't forget to ask about our Fast Action Discount or any specials we may have available during your assessment session. This initial step ensures that you're aware of the financial commitment required for our coaching programs. And, yes, this assessment is free.

Step 2: Gather Your Questions

Prepare Your Questions: Have specific questions ready about the Pro90d Smooth Speech System, the coaching process, or which package is best suited for you. This preparation will help maximize the value of your assessment session and clarify any uncertainties.

Step 3: Book Your Assessment Session

Secure Your Spot: Once you've reviewed the pricing, confirmed your financial readiness, and prepared your questions, the final step is to book your assessment session. Simply fill out the appointment form below this section to lock in your session. This is your opportunity to begin the journey towards smoother, more confident speech with our personalized coaching.

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