Use This Science-Based, Holistic System to Quickly Transform Your Speech From a Liability to One of Your Greatest Assets

Stop Losing Countless Professional, Personal and Social Opportunities Because of Your Speech

Speak smoothly so others enjoy listening to you and you enjoy speaking.

Speak clearly so others understand you and see you as a leader and influencer.

Speak confidently so you project authority and feel secure that you can handle any speaking situation.


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Do You Sometimes Lack Confidence When The Stakes Are High?


  • Lose focus under pressure?
  • Don't finish your thoughts?
  • Stutter or Stammer?
  • Feel rushed?
  • Speak too fast?
  • Speak choppy?

Here's Why I Perfectly Understand What You're Struggling With



Growing up I stuttered. While most of the time I was able to hide it, I knew it was there and it impacted my self-esteem and self-confidence in many ways.

This didn't really change until I was in my late twenties, when stumbled upon a process for transforming my speech and as a result my entire life.

For the past decade or so I've had the privilege to help tens of thousands of people though my courses and YouTube videos and thousands through private coaching.

Watch my video to hear more about why I understand you and how I can help break free so you can do all that you're meant to do.

The Pro90d Ultimate Smooth Speech System™ Self-Paced Course

Science-based, user-tested tools that quickly work to turn you into a superior communicator no matter where you starting from.

Pro90d doesn’t just fix your speech, it enhances it so you stand out amongst your peers.

Pro90d provides a long-term, permanent solution that gets better over time.


  • Your speech is hurting your career
  • You are struggling with verbal communication
  • Your speech is causing you to lose great opportunities
  • You're actually earning less because of your speech
  • You're filled with anxiety and worry whenever you need to communicate


  • A Science-Based, Holistic System
  • Confident, Clear, Smooth Speech
  • The Ability To Be Seen As A Leader And Influencer
  • The Ability To Project Authority
  • Better Career Opportunities And Progress
  • Better Relationships
  • People's Attention And Respect
  • Confidence, Clarity Of Thought, Calmness

This Is Specifically How Pro90d Helped Carlos

What We'll Cover In The Pr090d Ultimate Smooth Speech System™

Everything you need to achieve speech-mastery in one place!


In this module you’ll learn Why and how to completely immerse yourself in this process. How to build momentum with the Mini-habits strategy. Six natural laws that determine your success or failure in this process. The science behind the system so you feel more confident about your investment of time and money. How to use self-talk to energize yourself and keep you on track doing what you need to do on a moment to moment basis


If you really want to change how you speak, think and feel you’ll have to also change how you see yourself as a speaker, that is your belief or speaking identity. That’s what you’ll learn in this module.


If you struggle with shortness of breath, choppy speech, losing your train of thinking, especially when you feel under pressure, then you’ll love this module.


Have you ever felt like your speech was out of your control? This can especially happen when you feel under pressure. Well, in this module you’ll learn very specific speaking tools you can apply immediately to not only take control of your speech, but also enhance your speech so that people love to listen to you.


If you’re alive and work or own your own business, you most definitely have conversations, speak on the phone, present information or find yourself having to think on your feet. While most of these situations may be easy for some of you, some of them may cause you stress. This module will give you practical tools to use so that you shine in each other situation you find yourself.


Do you ever get distracted in meetings, presentations or interviews by fear of being judged or fear of messing up? If so, this module to provide with a set of very powerful and effective thinking tools you can apply right now to help keep your focus exactly where it should be every time you speak.


If you’ve ever wanted to break free from the slides and notes and really connect with your audience as confidently and easily as you would in a one on one conversation, then this is your module. You’ll also learn how to keep your listeners engaged every step of the way and make sure they walk away remembering your most important points.


Interviewing can be a nerve racking experience, especially if you struggle with your speech somehow. But it doesn’t have to be. In this module, you’ll learn how to interview with confidence and as many of my clients have said, leave the interviewer saying, “Wow, that was a great interview!”


Still confused weather its right got you, You are covered with our Exclusive slack group giving you latest updates, tips & tricks.

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Here's What Others Are Saying About Us

See why people are loving their experience of Pro90d - The ULTIMATE Smooth Speech System


"Believe me, if you want to talk so that your audience listens, then you have knocked at the right door."

“The Pro90d - Ultimate Smooth Speech System has made me a completely new person. Today, I am an effective speaker and a relaxed person when facing high pressure situations. It has made me realize my dream of being able to speak with ease, speak with energy and enthusiasm, speak with confidence and speak with joy. The best part is when I hear people tell me that my biggest asset is my speech.”


"I was having minor stuttering issues from my childhood. (Pro90d) videos helped me overcome my stuttering to a great extent."

"And guess what? I cleared group discussions and a second round of interviews, securing a lucrative job offer during my campus placement. Thank you once again Michael for all that you did !!Cheers !!”


"My speech improved so much that a university physicist asked me "what university did l attend?"

“l am a native english speaking person but l would awakes get nervous at public speaking, interviews, speaking with friends and the opposite sex. l would speak too fast, stumble my words and lose my train of thought. Within 48 hours after taking this short online course, l noticed a big difference in how smoother l spoke and how articulate my words became."

Want to Earn What You're Worth?

Pro90d Can Help You Do It

"Pro90d helped me be confident in interviews, which eventually led to a

job where I now earn $58,000 more."

Richard, PhD.

"Pro90d has helped me increase my income by 15K."

Silas, Project Manager

"Pro90d has helped me earn $18,000 more (salary increase + new job with higher salary)

Duane, Data Analyst

"Pro90d just helped me clear my interview and increased my salary by $17k

Devanshu, Sr. Consultant, Software Engineer

"Pro90d gave me the confidence

and skills to go on interviews which gave me over a $20k salary raise when I switched jobs.

Jaffeth, Credit Transaction Specialist

"Increased my salary by over $29k."

Adam, Forensic Accountant

Ultimate Smooth Speech System™

In the Pro90D Ultimate Smooth Speech System you will be immersed in Science-based, user-tested tools that quickly work to turn you into a superior communicator no matter where you starting from.

Here's A Quick Recap:

  • Smooth Speech System Membership Area
  • Step-by-Step Video & Audio Trainings
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This is why we're unlike any "Speech Therapy or Communication Skills" program out there!

"Amazing Improvement In a Short Amount of Time!"


"I've Developed My New Way of Speaking and Thinking With Pro90d"


"This Is Why Pro90d Is the Intelligent Choice"

—Dr. Ismal

"Huge Change In Just 3 Weeks!"


What Is Pro90d?

Pro90d is a scientifically-based, holistic system designed to help you:

1. Smooth out your speech,

2. Change your mindset,

3. Transform your speaking identity.We know that the above is possible because:

- Speech and speaking are both habits and learnable skills.

- Disfluent speech is a way or pattern of speaking and a way of thinking.

- Using Neuroplasticity, you can change your way of speaking and thinking.

Pro90d stands for Proactive Speech In 90 Days. We often refer to

Pro90d as the Pro90d Smooth Speech System.

Pro90d or parts of the system can be delivered via online courses, private or group coaching, virtual or live workshops.

What's the Science Behind the System?

This system is based on the following five (5) bodies of knowledge:


☞Habit Formation

☞Learning Theory

☞Client Experience

☞Personal Experience


Here's a synopsis of what you'll learn. . .Your brain can be changed. With focused and consistent conscious effort you can form or strengthen neural pathways that reflect new ways of thinking and behaving. This means you can train yourself to feel more calm, calm and confident. You can learn to speak more smoothly and clearly.

Habit Formation

Speaking well is both a way of thinking and speaking. That is, by repeating certain thoughts and patterns of speech over and over in different situations you can forge a new mindset and set of beliefs about yourself and your ability to speak well. You can also develop a smoother and clearer way of speaking that becomes completely natural and automatic for you.

Learning Theory

Speaking well is a learned behavior. In fact, you learned to speak your first language by modeling those around you. It was natural and you didn't have to be taught to model, you just did it automatically. In much the same way you can use modeling to learn to speak exceptionally well.

In fact, virtually all great speakers and performers in every area of life had one or more models. Believe it or not, modeling is the fastest and easiest way to learn to speak smoothly, clearly and confidently.

If you deliberately and consistently observe someone else performing something you want to do, then you can do it too. Exceptions to this would be physical limitations or massive brain damage.

Client Experience

Science and theory are great. But actual client experience is even better. We are constantly learning from people just like you what works and what doesn't. We take this learning and roll it back into our program to make it better and better on a regular basis.

You know this system works, because people like you have tested and proven it in their own real life experiences.

Personal Experience

Because I personally stuttered and struggled with my speech for more than 20 years, I know what it feels like to feel limited, trapped and unable to say what I wanted, when I wanted, the way I wanted. I know what it's like to not be able to get air to start speaking. I know what it's like to avoid opportunities because of the fear of or anticipation of being disfluent.

But, the awesome news is that I also know what it's like to break free of that and be able to express myself in way that has transformed my speech into one of my greatest assets.

Therefore, as a person who has struggled with this for much of my life I am able to provide a unique perspective, deep insight and understanding into how you too can move your speech from a liability to one of your greatest assets.

What Are Some of the Specific Challenges Pro90d Addresses?

Do You Struggle With Any of the Following:

CLOUDY MIND - You tend to get distracted by fear of judgement, failure or getting stuck on words, which causes you to lose your train of thinking.

UNCLEAR OR CONFUSING SPEECH - You tend to interrupt your self and fail to complete your thoughts.

CHOPPY SPEECH - You start and stop or run out of air while speaking.

FAST SPEECH - You speak so fast that often people ask you to repeat yourself or have a confused look on their face.

NEGATIVE ANTICIPATION - You worry about saying certain words in: meetings, conversations, on the phone, or about introducing yourself, or ordering coffee or food.

ANXIOUSNESS AND RUSHED FEELINGS - You consistently feel rushed, anxious, nervous or tense in your stomach, chest or throat.

SPEECH BLOCKS - You are unable to say certain words or letters when you want or need to.

REPETITIONS - You repeat words over and over and over again until they finally come out.

INVOLUNTARY BODY MOVEMENTS - You move your arms, legs, head, face, blink or lips in an embarrassing and seemingly uncontrollable manner.

Will This Program Actually Work for Me?

Yes. If you can understand English, can learn new skills and develop new habits, this system can work for you.

The key to making it work is to focus on develop the 5 critical habits that will get you the results you want. You can download that guide here.

Can You Guarantee Results?

We can only guarantee that the system works. However, we cannot guarantee that you will do the work. We have done and will continue to do everything humanly possible to make this process as easy-to-follow as possible. The one thing we cannot do is make you committed or make you do the necessary work.

This process can be compared to mastering a second language. If you really wanted to, you could learn and become very fluent in a second language (barring serious brain injury) couldn't you? You would have to learn and use the new language on regular basis; and if you wanted to accelerate the process, completely immerse yourself, right?

On the other hand, if you didn't study, learn or consistently practice both in private and public the new language, you probably would not become fluent.

Learning to speak smoothly, clearly and confidently follows the same principles. You are virtually guaranteed to get pretty amazing results if you trust the process and put the time and effort in.

To minimize your risk we purposely provide tons of free, high quality resources for you try. You'll be able to determine if this approach will work for you before you ever make single purchase. In fact, we prefer that you try before you buy so that once you do invest in your speech you'll feel extremely confident that the Ultimate Smooth Speech System is the perfect approach to help you achieve the results you desire.

If you do the work, you can expect minimally, the following results:

-Feel more confident about speaking with others.

-Get started speaking easier.

-Feel more relaxed, calm and at ease while you speak.

-Articulate your thoughts more smoothly and clearly.

-Stop thinking about speaking, and start communicating your thoughts and ideas.

-Speak so that people enjoy listening to you.

-Make more powerful, captivating and persuasive presentations.

How Long Does It Take to See Results?

This is a great question, and the answer is, it depends on the severity of the speech and how much time and effort you devote to the process. On average I see people begin to experience noticeable changes in their confidence and speech in 1-2 weeks.

By week 3 we see more consistent changes.Between weeks 6 and 8 we see dramatic changes from when the person first started.

Furthermore, these changes continue to increase as long as the client continues to get out and speak, just like one would experience in mastering a new language.

The more you use it, the more fluent you become.Studies show that it can take as little as 18 days to form a new simple habit pattern.

The average time is 66 days and could take 254 days or longer for more complex habit patterns.

Remember, these times are for making the new pattern automatic (when one reaches automaticity) where one doesn't have to think about it anymore.However, as I mentioned above, we see our clients form new thinking and speaking patterns (a repeated or regular way in which something is done) in as little as 3 weeks. To make these patterns habitual, you should expect it to take several months of consistent usage.

Is Pro90d Only for People Who Stutter?

No, absolutely not. We have many clients who do not consider themselves stutterers and do not stutter at all.

However, they want to improve:

>How they communicate under pressure.

>How they articulate their thoughts.

>How smooth and rhythmic they speak.

>Their self-confidence.

>Their presentation skills.

Many of our clients are multilingual, speak really fast and therefore find it challenging to clearly articulate their thoughts.

They understand the impact and value excellent communication skills have on their personal and professional lives. So, they choose Pro90d to help them get lasting results as quickly as possible.

5 Common Reasons People Hesitate to Enroll

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